The return of Bigfoot: Cameraman captures footage of Yeti in New York

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A New York man has put forward footage which he claims proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yetis exist. A large and hairy, human-like figure walks across his camera in a video posted online last week.

Videographer Russell Strark has been busy taking footage all over Brooklyn which he then posts to his YouTube channel, Brooklyn Live Video. He posted his latest video saying "This is unbelievable footage...It appears to me to be Bigfoot...Seriously."

Strark was filming a timelapse in Prospect Park in Brooklyn to capture the incredible amount of snow that hit America's East coast last week. All of a sudden, in the middle to the timelapse, a mysterious figure is seen walking across his frame behind the trees.

The figure appears to be quite large and dark but whether it is a Yeti is highly debatable. At the time the figure was strolling in the park, all parks in New York were closed off to the public by order of the Mayor in anticipation of one of the worst snow storms ever to hit the city. Stark dismissed that order though and captured what he believes is absolute proof of the existence of Yetis.

Bigfoot footage has been appearing at a regular rate ever since Eric Shipton snapped a picture of a purported Yeti footprint in 1951. Then things reached a whole new level after a video shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin appeared to show a real, live Sasquatch despite a number of analyses of the footage claiming that it was no more than a man wearing a gorilla suit.

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