Tibetan Monk takes selfie with Boris Johnson and has laptop stolen

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A Tibetan Monk had a horrible experience on the London Underground this week. His laptop which stored his life's work was stolen after he posed for a selfie with London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Lelung Rinpoche was surprised to see the Mayor modestly taking public transportation and so he approached him for a chat. They then took a selfie together as Rinpoche forgot himself and almost missed his stop.

When he noticed he needed to get off, he dashed back to his seat to grab his son and they ran off just before the doors shut. In the panic, he had forgotten his bag on board which contained the priceless laptop.

Rinpoche said “I saw Boris on the train and he was two or three seats in front of me. Other people were having pictures with him, so I did too. When I got off the train, he waved at me and I went on my way.” It wasn't until he arrived home that he realised his error and he promptly contacted TFL's lost property office to see if they had come across his property.

He managed to retrieve his bag but the laptop had been stolen. Rinpoche explained what was on the computer saying “The laptop had two book’s worth of material, around 900 pages that I had collected from around the world. “I had visited libraries in countries like Mongolia to try to find any pages they have. The two books were nearly at a stage where I could publish them. But I have lost almost all of it.”

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