Turkish PM in leaked corruption tape as protests erupt

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Protestors have taken to the streets in Turkey after a tape emerged that had allegedly recorded Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordering his son to get rid of millions in dirty money. Recordings of phone-tapped conversations leaked on the internet seem to have caught Erdogan telling his son, Bilal, to get rid of millions of dollars in cash from their private home during a corruption investigation.

In the recording, a man alleged to be Erdogan tells his son to dispose of tens of millions as family members of ministers are having their homes searched "for a big corruption operation".

"OK, so what I am saying is, get all that stuff in your house out. OK?" he says.

A voice alleged to be that of his son, Billal replies: "Dad, could that be? There is your money in the safe." The older man's voice responds: "That's what I mean."

When the alleged voice of Erdogan asks "Did you make most of it vanish?" the answer came

“We haven't been able to do all of it yet. There are about 30m euros left. We haven't been able to get that out yet."

Which makes you wonder just how much was there in the first place

Mr Erdogan has accused political enemies of fabricating the recording and told parliament that his political enemies had managed to decrypt state communications. He seems to be fingering Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who he accuses of trying to set up a parallel state

"They went and made a shameless montage and released it," Mr Erdogan told parliament. "They are even listening to the state's encrypted telephones. That's how low they are."

"There is no allegation that we cannot answer."

"We will reveal one-by-one all the disgraces of the parallel organisation and we will make those who walk with them so embarrassed they won't be able to go out into the street," Mr Erdogan told parliament.”

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