Two journalists gunned down live on air in Virginia

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Two journalists were shot dead in Virginia, USA while in the middle of a live news piece for network WDBJ7. Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were filming a live piece during the early morning slot with local woman Vicki Gardner who was also wounded in the incident and is being treated in hospital.

Augusta County Police have named the shooter as 41 year old Vester Lee Flanagan who worked with both Parker, 24 and Ward, 27 at the station. Known professionally as Bryce Williams, he was removed from his position at WDBJ7 2 years ago and it appears that today's disgusting attack was retaliation for that.

Live footage of the interview shows the camera Ward was holding tumble to the ground while Parker and Gardner were heard screaming amid a host of gunshots after Flanagan appeared to walk up behind them and open fire. Police pursued Flanagan and confronted with him on Interstate 66 as he fled the scene and when they approached he shot himself. Police say that he is still alive.

VIDEO Two journalists killed live in a shooting in Virginia, USA

WDBJ General Manager Jeff Marks told reporters "Two years ago, we had to separate him from the company. We did understand that he was still living in the area." Flanagan's Twitter and Facebook accounts have both been suspended pending investigation after posts linking to a video he took of the shooting with the message "I filmed the shooting" as well as comments about the two victims.

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