UK man arrested for stealing electricity after charging iPhone on train

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A man in London has been arrested for stealing electricity while travelling on a train. Robin Lee plugged his iPhone into a socket in the carriage he was travelling in and he soon was in shock after being arrested by police for illegally obtaining an electrical charge.

45 year old Lee, who is an artist, was travelling on board a train from Hackney Wick to Camden Road on Friday afternoon. Shortly after connecting his iPhone for a charge, he was approached by a police community support officer who told him that what he was doing is illegal and that the socket he used was for staff use only.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police explained that officers attended Camden Road London Overground station to deal with "a man becoming aggressive when challenged by a PCSO about his use of a plug socket on board an Overground train." Lee was subsequently arrested but was later let go with just a warning. However, it seems his behaviour was more of an issue and he exhibited "unacceptable behaviour and has been reported for this offence."

The offence in question is known as abstracting electricity and usually certain sockets on all trains have signs next to them warning passengers that they are off limits. However, Lee insisted that the socket he used did not have any such sign and as such he was unaware that he was breaking any law.

Mr Lee insists that he was not aggressive at the time of the incident and explained what he told police officers saying "I said 'if it's a crime you need to arrest me and if it's not you need to let me go. I wasn't struggling, I wasn't raising my voice. I told them to make a decision while four of them were in my face." In future, Lee should get in the habit of enabling airplane mode to preserve battery until he really needs to use it.

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