UK set for yet another heatwave as we could see hottest weather ever | July 2015

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Just one week after a sweltering heatwave, the UK is bracing itself for a second heatwave which could break records for the hottest weather ever. Forecasters are warning that there will be a blisteringly hot spell at the end of July and into early August that will beat last weeks temperatures.

Thankfully though for all of us there will be a little bit of respite until the hot spell arrives. This means that the next couple of weeks will be pleasantly warm and averaging 20 degrees celsius with scattered rain showers throughout to help everybody cool down.

But when the hot weather does arrive, some meteorologists are predicting that we will experience weather hotter than the British record of 38.5 degrees celsius. That temperature was recorded in August of 2003 and like then, this heatwave will be the result of hot air flowing up from the Mediterranean.

Meteorologist Brian Gaze said "The year’s hottest temperatures usually occur in late July or early August. As pressure models favour more African hot air over Europe pulsing to the UK, the 38.5C record could go." meaning even the far reaches of Scotland look set to experience scorching weather.

Just last week, Britain experienced 6 days of exceptional heat with temperatures registering above 27 degrees celsius each day. July 1st saw people sweating under 36.5 degree sunshine which set a record for the warmest July day in the UK.

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