UK to brace for 2 week heatwave where mercury expected to hit 30

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Forecasters have delivered the news that everybody has been waiting for - a two week heatwave is set to hit the UK where temperatures will hit 30 degrees on some days.

This spell will mark the first heatwave of the year and follows on from a pleasant May Bank Holiday weekend where many around the country got to hit the beach for a day or two.

Jim Dale of British Weather Services explained "The UK will be sucking up tropical air from the south. It's going to be the hottest time of the year.The temperatures in the surrounding seas are a Celsius degree warmer than they were this time last year. This cocktail makes for potentially high temperatures.".

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News of the heatwave falls in line with the long term forecast revealed by the Met Office early last month. The UK is expected to welcome above average temperatures all the way to the end of June.

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