UK Weather: Jekyll and Hyde conditions with storms on one coast and sunshine on the other

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People on opposite coasts of the UK experienced very different weather yesterday as a Jekyll and Hyde type of day occurred. The East coast was steeped in gorgeous sunshine while it was time to baton down the hatches on the West coast as stormy weather brought with it winds of up to 100 mph.

The weather was so bad in parts that in Devon and Cornwall beaches were all closed off to the public due to huge waves. The public were warned not to enter the water and red flags were on display along the coast while winds and rain battered the shores.

In Wales, large waves were reported to measure in at almost 15 feet in height as they crashed into promenades and beaches. 22 flood alerts were in place around Wales with reports that a ferry was damaged after being blown into a dock at Holyhead.

Meanwhile, over on the East coast, people were enjoying some balmy weather with temperatures hitting 19 degrees in some places. There was also little to no rainfall on the West coast let alone any signs of big gusts of wind which was in complete contrast to goings on over on the other coast.

Looking ahead, it is not going to get much better for those on the West coast with the Met Office predicting the unsettled weather will continue. The West and North will experience gale force winds coupled with large amount of rainfall leading to localised flooding in places.

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