Utah school Photoshops yearbook photos of female students to make them appear less Sexy

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A high school in Utah has caused outrage among its female students after the photos they submitted for their yearbook were doctored to make the girls appear less sexy. Photoshop was employed to to hide exposed skin and the school added higher necklines and sleeves to some students pictures to cover their shoulders and chests.

Wasatch High School, in Salt Lake City, had officially issued a warning in advance to students that their photos could be altered if they did not meet the school's strict dress code policy. The extent of the photoshopping, however, was not expected. Dozens of students are complaining that the clothes they wore were acceptable by those standards and were in line with clothes they wore at school all the time.

Shelby Baum, who discovered that a high square neckline had been photoshopped onto her image in order to cover up a tank-top with a low neckline and a small tattoo on her chest was outraged saying “I feel like they’re trying to shame you of your body". Other students had their exposed shoulders covered and any rogue bra-straps on view were also removed.

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School District representatives have since apologised that photos of students were not doctored more consistently and have promised to look at their photo editing policy more closely. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a strong influence in Utah and part of their teachings include dressing modestly and not indulging in piercings and tattoos.

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