Vice Madam about to publish memoirs embarrassing for Chancellor is raided by police

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Could this be a Profumo scandal for the Twitter age? Former call girl and madam Natalie Rowe recently announced the publication of a book that is likely to prove deeply embarrassing for the Chancellor George Osborne who allegedly attended ‘wild’ parties at Ms Rowe’s flat in the early 1990’s. Days later her home was raided by police, some of whom apparently referred to the book during the search.

She told the Sunday People: “I don’t do drugs, I don’t deal drugs, so why was the Drug Squad storming through my home like I was running a cartel?

“I’m not into conspiracy theories. I’d like to think the fact I’ve been unfairly targeted by the police has nothing to do with the fact my book is about to be published, which happens to be very embarrassing for the Chancellor."

"But it’s certainly made me wonder."

“There are serious questions I want answers to – WHY did one officer involved in the raid ask me whether I was about to publish my memoirs and WHY did a police inspector tell me I’d be opening a ‘whole can of worms’ if I complained? "

Ms Rowe became entangled in public scandal eight years ago when a picture surfaced of her at a 1994 party with a 22-year-old Osborne alongside what is alleged to be a line of cocaine.

Ms Rowe had said “It was definitely cocaine on the table. I said to George jokingly, ‘When you are Prime Minister one day, I will have all the dirty goods on you’ – and he laughed.”

When the photo was published Mr Osborne confirmed he knew Miss Rowe but said any suggestion he took cocaine was “defamatory and completely untrue”.

The photo was taken during a period when Miss Rowe called herself Mistress Pain and ran an escort agency offering domination services among many others.

When Ms Rowe complained to Chelsea police station, she was reportedly told “You know you’re going to open up a whole can of worms here?”

Scotland Yard said: “Following information received, officers obtained a warrant to search an address under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. No drugs were found.”

If this was indeed an attempt to intimidate Ms Rowe into withdrawing the book it was both clumsy and counter-productive. They found no drugs, a whole host of people who had never heard of Ms Rowe or her book now have, and ultimately, one softly spoken mystery man in an overcoat with pictures of your family is far more threatening than a bells and whistles drugs squad raid. Surely George Osborne has more subtle methods at his disposal. Indeed one wonders whether Ms Rowe or her publisher tipped off the police. Who knows?

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