Weather forecast great as UK braces for 3 month heatwave in spring 2014

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Great news on the weather front folks, the Met office have issued a long range forecast that the weather in the UK will be balmy until early July. This means that we can say goodbye to the rainclouds and welcome an early summer for 2014.

A statement from the Met Office reads “Latest predictions favour above average temperatures for both April and for April-May-June as a whole.”. This was certainly true of March with temperatures averaging out at over 1 degree Celsius higher than normal for that time of year.

This warm spell will help to significantly improve the air quality in areas most affected by recent Smog as the bad air is moved on away from built up areas. Dust from the Sahara has exacerbated air pollution levels leading to high level warnings to citizens.

This news will act as a huge tonic for people in the UK after suffering through the wettest winter on record. The number of tourists visiting these shores will also increase with the promise of warm weather bringing a very welcome influx of cash into local economies.

Back in March, the mercury hit 20 degrees in places meaning that the UK experienced warmer days than Mediterranean locations for a few days. This is also a good sign of a warm summer to come and the Met Office have confirmed that this is to be the case.

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