Well endowed fleas making their way to Britain on continental trucks

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Britain is facing an invasion of foreign fleas that are making their way into the country by hiding out on long-distance haulage trucks. And once they make it across the channel, they waste little time breeding thanks to the male of the species which boast a penis 2.5 times as longer than its' height.

Continental truck drivers have had to deal with the migrant crisis in Calais slowly escalating to the current levels. And now they are finding themselves under attack from these super bugs too whenever they settle down for a nights sleep or for a quick break from the road.

This can be very traumatic for lorry drivers who can be on the road in Europe for days and even weeks at a time. Fleas can be a massive nuisance with scientists estimating that a single little flea can bite a victim up to 400 times over the course of day so imagine the damage that more fleas will cause due to heavy breeding.

Some reports have indicated that certain species of fleas travelling to Britain are not susceptible to over-the-counter insect repellant making the problem all the more worrying. This creates an added cost for haulage firms who are having to fork out a lot of money to have cabs and trailers fully fumigated in the hopes of killing off these pest fleas.

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