Wembley WWII Bomb poses a 'genuine risk to life' as nearby homes evacuated

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A World War II bomb discovered near Wembley Stadium has been removed and it is to be detonated outside of the capital later this evening. Army bomb disposal experts were called in to excavate and secure the bomb site before taking it to an undisclosed location to be safely blown up.

The bomb weighs a huge 50kg and it is believed to have been dropped by the Luffwaffe in an air raid during the Second World War. It was uncovered by builders working close by to Wembley Stadium and measured 2 feet in length.

Police acted swiftly in evacuating about 300 homes within a 400m radius of the bomb site after the army warned that it posed a "genuine risk to life". Royal Engineers constructed a makeshift Blast Wall around the bomb site in order to reduce any destruction from a possible accidental explosion of the device.

Police Chief Superintendent Mickey Gallagher said "The main phase of making the bomb safe will only really be concluded once the bomb has been detonated. Arrangements have been made to take the bomb to a detonation site outside London." He added "Although it doesn't seem like a massive bomb, it does pose a very real threat."

The incident played havoc with daily routines in the area with rehearsals for Britain’s Got Talent having to be cancelled at the nearby Fountain Studios. The League Two play-off final taking place at Wembley between Wycombe Wanderers and Southend United is also in doubt for Saturday but should go ahead once the area is deemed safe.

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