What do dogs dream about?

Do dogs dream about owning the most luxurious basket or eating the finest doggy biscuits known to man? Do they dream about getting away from their boring surroundings and playing continuously without a care in the world as most humans do when they’re lining up to buy a lotto ticket? The dreams we’re looking at here are those that the dog has when he sleeps but is there any evidence to suggest they dream at all?


Sweet dreams

There’s actually no evidence to suggest that dogs dream. Equally, there’s nothing to say that they don’t dream while they nap. But have you ever noticed your dog quivering while he sleeps? Perhaps you’ve seen a few leg twitches or heard a growl during the night which gives the impression that he’s dreaming or having a nightmare. Surely these things suggest that something’s going on in his head while he sleeps.


Scientists have proven that dog’s brainwaves are very similar to those of humans while they sleep. Our four-legged friends go through the same stages of electrical brain activity us humans do, so surely they’re dreaming. Aren’t they? Evidence of other animals dreaming seems to suggest that dogs do dream. Simpler and less intelligent animals are known to dream so why would dog’s sleep not lead to dreams? Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have conducted experiments on rats that conclude that rats dream. The rat’s brain patterns were recorded while it learned the maze. Those same brainwaves were also recorded when the rats were asleep. Therefore many of the dreams these rats had while under lab conditions revolved around their activities during the day which gives us a clue as to what our dogs are dreaming about – you and what you did with them that day.

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