What to consider when buying pet food

Your pet is your pal. If you have a dog, he’s your ever faithful companion. If you’ve got a cat, she’s your purring pet who occasionally likes attention. Whatever pet you own, you’ll need to buy the right pet food for them. When you purchase food for yourself, you check the contents and make sure they're good for you and the process is pretty similar for pet food.


Multinational companies

You’re probably not aware that just five multinational firms have around 80% of the pet food market in the UK. Why’s that important, you might ask? Well, the truth is that although they don’t work together they manage the marketplace’s expectations between them. These guys market and promote their product in ways that suggest the pet will benefit greatly from eating their pet food. Sometimes the marketing and the actual food content doesn’t match up. So you need to read the labels before purchasing.

Read the ingredients

Meat is the ingredient you naturally look for when you check out a tin of pet food. You’re right to do this because you want to know how much meat you’re giving the animal. But turning the bag over and seeing “chicken” written at the top shouldn’t suffice when you want your pet to eat well. The law attached to the listing of ingredients dictates that the heaviest ingredient is written at the top so you know what the majority of the food is made from. The other ingredients are listed in descending order. In most case the meat content listed on the packaging is the top item but did you realise that the pet food makers list the meat’s weight before it was dehydrated and stuffed into the can. This means that a part of the weight attributed to the meat content on the packaging was actually water as meat in its natural form contains about 70% meat? For more information on the subject, head to pfma.org.uk.

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