What will become of UK Flag should Scotland become independent?

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It is crunch time for the Scottish Independence referendum but with both sides of the campaign canvassing hard it is impossible to call what way the vote will go. Since there is the distinct possibility of Scotland officially leaving the United Kingdom, the question has to be asked, what will then become of the Union Jack of Scotland becomes independent?

Historically, the flag represents three distinct flags in one amalgamation which first appeared in the early 1800s under the leadership of George III. The foundation of the Union Jack was St. George's Cross in 1270 and beneath that the cross saltire of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, was placed in 1606. Move further 200 more years and the flag of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland was incorporated into the flag in the form of diagonal red lines placed inside the cross of St. Andrew.

One proposition is that the Union Jack may be overhauled and the distinctive blue and white Scottish flag being removed entirely to be replaced in some manned by Welsh green in place of the blue. Wales, since it is officially a principality, never managed to find representation on the Union Jack but now the opportunity could be there to finally incorporate the yellow cross on a black background which represents St David, Welsh patron saint. There is also the option of incorporating the Welsh dragon to really add something special to a newly imagined Union Jack.

Another possibility is that the flag will just go without the blue of St Andrew and just have the red lines currently visible on the flag become more prominent as a result. Whatever the solution is, it seems that it would be impossible to keep the Union Jack as it is should Scotland break away from the UK in 2016.

Th Union Jack is somewhat of an icon in fashion terms and Geri Halliwell famously wore a miniskirt with a Union Jack emblazoned on it to the Brit awards much to the delight of viewers everywhere. Every year millions of pounds worth of souvenirs are shifted to tourists who want to take back something memorable from their visit to the UK be that a top hat, a keyring or a teapot.

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