What Women Mean when they say "Nothing!"

It is amazing how one word can mean so many different meanings and have so many emotions connected to it. Communication in any relationship is vital for survival so it is important to know what various meanings words and responses can actually be saying. Unfortunately women have a reputation for saying one things but meaning something completely different. One of the most common responses which does just that is when a partner asks “What’s wrong?” and she responds with “Nothing!”


Clearly something is wrong or else you wouldn't have asked the question otherwise. Here are a few different things your loved one could really be saying to you when she says “nothing [is wrong]”.

Nothing is wrong.

1. No, really. She means exactly what she says and you just have to trust her on this. There are some women who are extremely honest with their emotions and say what the mean. If she was mad or frustrated with you for some reason, she would tell you.

Everything is wrong.

2. These women are the extreme opposite and tend to keep their emotions buried up inside. This inevitably will lead to an emotional explosion at some point, but you are supposed to know magically know why exactly she is frustrated. Unless you did something blatantly wrong and offensive, this is the worst meaning “nothing” can have. It is best to try and calmly talk to her about this, figure out what the root of the problem is and let her know you are there if she does want to talk. Make sure to not push her too hard though. That can just drive her away even more.

Something is wrong.

Then there are the meanings in between. Something is wrong but she just don’t know how to talk about it. She might want to talk about it, but you have to be careful as you don’t want her to shut down either. Similarly to the previous situation, just let her know you are there to support her if she needs time to open up about whatever is going on.

The key to knowing what she means when she says "Nothing" is by making sure both people openly communicating. They need to feel like the other person cares and is there to listen and not freak out if the partner has a problem or issue they want to talk about. Support each other in the relationship rather than be each others punching bag. Nobody likes that.

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