What’s your dog trying to tell you?

Dogs are great companions but like any great companion, they’re way better when you understand their needs. Figuring out what your dog wants when he makes certain noises or holds his head in set ways is the key to getting on with one another better.


Head tilt

The head tilt is a classic that all dogs do to their owners but what are they trying to say? If your dog is in close proximity to you, he’s actually claiming ownership when he looks like the dog in our image. He wants to be close to you but he also claim you by making you smell like him. This means that he fells secure about his place in your life, it also allows him to warn any other dogs to stay away from you, and it’s also your dog’s way of protecting you.

Open mouthed

Dogs don’t just open their mouths to pant and to eat, if your dog’s got his mouth wide open and he’s looking directly at you, he’s saying that he can sense that you’re in a bad mood. Dogs pick up on how we’re feeling so when you’re stressed, they’re stressed too. In fact most experts say that dogs match your mood far better than any partner does, that’s how in tune with you your pouch is.

Running around

If you’re dog’s constantly moving about, he probably needs more exercise. Behaviour like chewing furniture and running around coffee tables is the dog’s way of saying he needs more activity. Dogs that are typically used for herding and hunting are the most prone to this sort of behaviour so you should take care to allow the right type of dog into your life. On average dogs need 45 to 60 minutes a day of physical activity with at least 15 minutes of behavioural training.

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