Why Americans Are So Angry About Everything

Some corners of the world perceive America as an aggressive country that tries to stamp its authority on the world. Whether they do that through pushing their culture onto countries, or through force, there’s a perception that Americans are angry about everything, or is there?


Fear and anger

Forget the rest of the world, Americans are angry with Americans too. A CNN poll that took place in December 2015 suggested that 69% of Americans are “very angry” with the way things are in their country. According to the survey, a lot of the anger stems from the perception that the political system Americans live under favours those with power and money like the power brokers on Wall Street and the politicians in Washington. The survey says that Americans are angrier now about that than they were a year before.

Trump card

This theme is one that Donald Trump’s picked up on. He’s tapped into voters frustrations and fears which is why his rhetoric is really playing well with voters up and down the nation. His anti-immigration stance is one that’s feeding off and also fuelling debates within households across the USA. Trump’s party say they’ll “gladly accept the mantle of anger” most probably because it will win them votes. Even rivals like Republican Ben Carson are jumping on this anger bandwagon saying that “many Americans who are discouraged and angry as they watch the American dream slipping away.”

What about the rest of us?

There was a time when Americans were safer travelling if they told their host nation that they came from Canada, such was the anger against the American way of doing stuff across the world. In the UK, only 50% of the nation thought favourably about Americans back in the middle of the last decade. Ten years later, those numbers are up as 65% of the country is in favour of the USA. The numbers are similar for Spain, although their opinion of the USA dipped dramatically in 2006 when just 23% of the nation had good things to say about America. In German, opinions are split down the middle with 50% of the country in favour of the USA according to reports you can find on pewglobal.org.

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