Why Are Some People Always Late?

We all know someone at work who’s never on time. The man who rushes in late full of excuses or the women who creeps into the office in the hope she’s not seen. These guys are always late but they’re not necessarily the worst workers or the guys who hate their jobs the most.



There are some who believe that optimism has much to do with it. Those who are late are way too optimistic that they’ll get there on time. Pessimistic people, or those who worry all the time, tend to get to work early. Those who are laid back and optimistic keep telling themselves that there’s plenty of time before the appointment or their start time at work which means they tend to come in late.

Big thinking

The other reason that’s often give is that the perpetual late comers are those who look at the big picture all the time. These guys don’t get all sweaty and uptight about the small details in life so they tend to come in late as they don’t pay any attention to time. The other group of people who tend to come in late are those who like to take their time with everything. These guys don’t believe that every detail in life has to be planned to the nth degree. They take their time to smell the roses in life, so they don’t tend to both with timetables. Enjoying the moment can’t be done on a time limit.

Final word

So the conclusion appears to be that there are those who are late comers and those who are not. Those who worry and plan are the guys you can rely on to come in on time. People who think only of the big picture and like to take their time, won’t be motivated by time limits and therefore they won’t worry about whether they’re early, late or on time.

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