Why does my dog pee on my bed?

Dogs peeing on beds isn't something to be too worried about. The reason they do this is more to do with you than them. But before you get all guilty and start pointing fingers at yourself, we’ll elaborate a little more on a dog and its owner’s behaviour.



The main reason dogs pee on beds is because the bed smells of their owner. This goes back to the dog’s wild instincts because wild dogs try to cover their scent to avoid predators. This is why dogs roll in poo for example, and in your home it’s the reason they roll on the bed and get their snouts into your dirty laundry. With young dogs this instinct is still very strong. It’s so strong in fact that they try to disguise the scent of their pee. That’s why they pee in your bed. Your scent is supposed to mask the scent of their urine. The dog is doing this to make himself feel less vulnerable as you’re his owner and therefore his protector.

Another reason

Some dogs pee when they’re happy. They pee when they’re scared. They pee when they’re excited. Some dogs even pee because someone’s entered the room. The fact your dog’s peeing means he has lots of respect for you. Most dogs grow out of this behaviour but if you have an older dog who acts like this, you might need to get some professional assistance.

Out of spite

If your dog pees on the bed or in the house after you’ve scolded him, he’s not doing it out of spite. The dog’s actions happen because he’s afraid. Making your dog feel vulnerable will normally create this sort of behaviour so think about your actions before you worry about your dog’s behaviour.

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