Why has man not gone back to the Moon?

Conspiracy theorists have their views on why man hasn’t gone back to the Moon since the 1970s but what are the real reasons why NASA stopped their manned missions to the Moon?

One giant leap

Back in the 1960s the Americans made a Moon landing part of their national goals. President John F. Kennedy’s famous speech in May 1961 established this goal and before the decade was over the astronauts of Apollo 11 had made one “giant step for mankind”. The exploration of space had major implications for technological advances (including Velcro and the internet) but the lack of permanent infrastructure created on the Moon’s surface should have been a clue that NASA had no long term plans to use the Moon landings as a stepping stone to other further off worlds.


The American taxpayer footed the bill for man’s first explorations into space. The Space programme cost the USA billions of dollars and in return the American public were treated to a television programme that showed the Moon landings and an interview with the astronauts. Public spending on the programme resulted in 6 manned landings on the Moon, each of which returned less than the last in terms of the public’s perception of the program’s worth. Perhaps this growing dissatisfaction with NASA’s work led to the rounds of conspiracies that also blackened the programme.

Sound stage

Unfortunately the televised landings were scripted so the astronauts didn’t say something they or NASA would regret. When word of this got out, the American public began to question the legitimacy of what they saw on television. The revelation that a giant stage set has been constructed on earth to test the Lunar Module also caused concern and fed the conspiracy theorists who felt secure in their assertion that public money hadn’t gone on the space programme because Buzz Aldrin and his colleagues had filmed the TV show from the giant sound stage.

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