Why the clock shows 10 10 always

Clocks and watches, whether displayed on counters or walls, show the same time, 10:10 . Many wonder the reasoning behind this default setting. We explore several theories that attempt to explain this pre-set time.

Explaining the default time

There are many theories that circulate explaining why clocks and watches are pre-arranged to 10:10. One of these explanations is that manufacturers of watches and clocks deem it appropriate to use this time as it does not hide or obscure the brand's logo or name. In addition, it expresses a happy face and not a frowning one which is considered lucky for business.

Other theories that try to provide an explanation to this pre-determined setting is that certain important figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy were shot or killed at this time. Still another theory that is passed around is that the atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki or Hiroshima at this time.

All these unfounded theories are nothing but myths or conjectures. To dispute these assumptions, it should be noted that JFK died at 1 pm, Lincoln at 7:22 am and MLK at 7:05 pm. No one was shot at 10:10 am. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also hit at different times and certainly not 10:10 am.

Having debunked all these myths, there are better logical explanations and rationale behind pre-setting the time:

  • Visibility
  • As previously explained, this setting gives an unobscured view of the watch including its style and design. The logo, date and time will not be blocked out. In fact, this is the perfect arrangement for the watch.

  • Symmetry
  • When positioned this way, the hands of the watch or the clock are symmetrical making the product appealing to customers. It is noted that some manufacturers set the clock to 10:08 or 10:09 for better symmetry.

    Functional and attractive

    To recap, clocks display 10:10 for practical and aesthetic reasons. It gives a better view of the watch's design and style. With this setting, the watch is appealing to customers who will be able to see it in its totality including the time, date and brand.

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