Why you should stop using straws

Straws are cheap and pretty innocuous items aren’t they? You don’t really pay much attention when you get a drink with one in or without. Let’s not get too carried away because using straws when you drink won’t lead to some sort of life threatening disease but there are some side effects that you probably haven’t considered.



Small lines around the lips, and particularly on the top lip can arise from using straws so if you’re worried about your complexion, you should sip your drinks without one. The sort of lines we’re talking about are those that smokers get from sucking on their ciggies. The way you draw on the straw is very similar so if you tend to drink almost all of your liquids with a straw, perhaps you should think again.


There are two schools of thought here. We’ll start with the positive. Some dentists say that using a straw can be good because you can bypass your teeth and jet the drink straight into your mouth. Let’s assume you don’t drink like that because if you use a straw like most of us do, you’ll actually be increasing your chances of ending up with cavities as the drinks sprays directly onto the back teeth.


We’ve heard that straws can contribute to a bloating feeling in the gut. That’s because when you suck on the straw you’re also taking air into your stomach. How much of an issue this is for the average person we’re not sure.

Final word

Okay, so we’ve only identified small issues that tend to arise if you drink all of your liquids with a straw. In reality, we can’t see any reason to advise that you throw them in the bin for health reasons but if you’re looking for an excuse not to use them, think of the environment. Each plastic straw you leave behind is one less that needs recycling.

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