William and Kate name Royal princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

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The wait is finally over as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have revealed the name of the Royal baby Princess. A statement from Kensington Palace revealed that the new arrival will be named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and her full title will be Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Charlotte was born on Saturday morning at St. Mary's hospital in London shortly after 8.30am weighing 8lbs and 3oz. The Duke and Duchess left St. Mary's with Charlotte Saturday evening and returned to Kensington Palace for some quality time with the new arrival.

The name Charlotte has a strong tradition among the Royal family as the wife of King George III was Queen Charlotte and they had a daughter named Charlotte. King George IV also named his only daughter Charlotte along with it being the middle given name of the Duchess's sister Pippa.

Charlotte is the female form of Charles so the Duke and Duchess have managed to acknowledge William's father along with William's late mother Princess Diana. And the Queen Mother will doubtless be over the moon to have her name taken by the Royal Princess.

Princess Charlotte will take her place as fourth in line to the throne behind her older brother George in third, her daddy William in second and Prince Charles first in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth. Wonder what Josie Cunningham makes of it all?

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