World Environment Day 2014: Raise Your Voice not the Sea Level | June 5

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Today is World Environment Day folks and it gives us all a chance to reflect about the beautiful planet we live on. Every June 5th, people all over the globe do their part to raise awareness for better protection of the environment and nature around us.

First celebrated in 1973, the United Nations Environment Program created the day in the hope that people would become more aware of their impact on the environment. The 2014 slogan is "Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level" and the idea is to encourage people to speak up about the impact of Global Warming.

Earth has certainly taken a battering from us over the recent centuries and this year the UN have focused on the protection of small developing islands such as the Maldives. At the launch of the 2014 International Year of Small Islands and Developing States, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said "Planet Earth is our shared island, let us join forces to protect it.".

So what can you do to help raise awareness this World Environment Day? The goal is for individuals around the world to raise their voices in solidarity with one another and echo with citizens of small island states and developing nations. Some ideas for you to consider in your community include cycling to work, a clean up campaign, planting trees and anything at all that will impact your community in a positive manner.

The impact that global warming is plain to see in all countries, even here in the UK as evidenced by recent flood episodes. Small Island States however face much greater challenges on a day to day basis. The Maldives, for example, is made up of 1,190 tropical islands which sit just 1.5 metres above sea level. In recent years, 16 islands have had to be evacuated because of rising sea levels.

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