Weather set to turn ugly as the worst flooding in 50 years forecast

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It looks like the recent hot spell has come at a stiff price, severe thunderstorms are about to hit the UK this week as torrential downpours are due to flood many parts of the country. This will begin with the Northeast today

Forecasters predict that over 3 inches of rain could fall in some areas as the skies dump down on us and cause flash flooding. The temperatures are going to remain balmy however which will in turn lead to even more thundery weather.

A Met Office representative warned "Thundery downpours are expected to develop on Tuesday afternoon, lasting into the evening. The public should be aware of the risk of spray on roads and local surface water flooding.".

These thunderstorms are set to be the worst experienced in the UK in over 50 years of recorded weather. Locals in Liverpool experienced a flash thunderstorm yesterday evening where bolts of lightening lit up the cityscape.

This nasty weather comes as a consequence of the consistently high temperatures we have been experiencing recently. If you are worried about the impending bad weather, you can find some very helpful advice from the Met Office on thunderstorms at metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/advice/lightning.html.

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